Innovative Packaging Trends 2015: The Subscription Snack Box

pti3The consumer packaged goods industry is one that has long been adapting to change in the marketplace. Mobile shopping has had an impact, although not as significant for grocery, but newest on the scene is a player that can seemingly hold its own: the subscription snack box is quickly becoming the sampling way of the future.

A subscription box is a package of retail products sent directly to a customer on a reoccurring basis, and subscription box e-commerce based business is a rapidly growing market. New companies are popping up every day selling all kinds of different products to customers who subscribe to their service – everything from all natural food products to fancy cured meats to dog treats and toys.

How big a market are we talking? It has been estimated that there are 400 to 600 different kinds of subscription boxes available to consumers in the United States alone and more overseas ranging from $10 to $100. Even retailers like, CVS Pharmacy, Freshpair, and Lancôme use subscription commerce.  According to Forbes, Birchbox, which is arguably the most recognizable service and valued at a reported $485 million in April 2014, led the subscription box trend with its 2010 launch. Since that time, others have jumped on the bandwagon to try and get a piece of the subscription pie.

The ability to try a whole bunch of new products, products conveniently delivered right to the door, gives customers a new level of convenience. So why does this matter for retailers? What is this subscription service really good for? Arguably the biggest boon for companies taking advantage is the increased brand awareness and the development of brand loyalty, especially for newer companies.

Other extras: customers often receive discounts on products by buying them through subscription boxes. Customers enjoy the surprise of discovering and trying new products or receiving their favourite products with such convenience. Again, both of these contribute to overall brand perception and brand loyalty.

For retailers, there are two things to consider when it comes to joining the subscription snack box team though: the costs of packaging and shipping can be high and your product packaging needs to speak for itself. Subscription businesses have to maximize their packaging to ensure that their package is arriving intact, that it reinforces their brand, and is cost effective to ship. These can be overcome with a design that accomplishes all without sacrificing one.

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