Drone Beer Delivery – The Future of Beer Sales?


A recent video posted by Granville Island Brewery had tongues wagging in the beer industry. The local brewery introduced its “newest” mode for delivering beer to help ensure the freshest experience ever: beer drone delivery.  Is this the wave of the future for beer sales?




Check out the video:

Quite appropriately, the video followed on the heels of a Globe and Mail article discussing the upcoming introduction of drone delivery to Amazon’s delivery repertoire. And although the video was obviously an April Fool’s prank done very well, it does actually have relevance when it comes to the packaging industry. After all, how would within-a-few-hours delivery impact packaging and the role it plays in a company’s overall marketing strategy.

When you sell your product on the shelf, you can take full advantage of the power of custom designed product packaging which considers the latest trends and innovations in the industry. A strong brand image works wonders when customers are making purchasing decisions, and making use of things like colour psychology and neuromarketing can yield major results. This is all good when that package is on the shelf – but what about when it is in the air?

Online shopping is a great example of the best way to attack this challenge, and those companies that take advantage of every opportunity are the ones who will see a better bottom line. Those companies that see the potential in packaging are the ones that know that the number of people seeing a box in transit through the postal service is huge, and thus represents a lot of exposure. A plain box won’t get the same attention.

Drone delivery, when it finally becomes a reality on a large scale, will mean the same thing. Taking your advertising to the skies will no longer mean a banner pulled behind a plane – your own custom packaging will achieve it all on its own.

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