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Quality packaging for e-commerce customer satisfaction [Video]

Quality packaging for e-commerce customer satisfaction
Welcome back to the P-T-I video blog! All industries evolve over time, and e-commerce's rise within retail is one of the best examples. It also requires different tactics to ensure customer satisfaction. E-commerce places increased importance on the sturdiness of packages. Customers have no control over product transportation, and place the safety of their purchases Continue Reading

Balancing priorities with packaging [Video]

Balancing priorities with packaging
Welcome to the Packaging Technologies video blog! What makes packaging work best? Functionality? Appearance? Brand representation? If you're thinking, "All those things are important," you're right on the money – but a sense of balance is just a necessary. Visual appeal matters a great deal – everything from color to logo design. But you must Continue Reading

Trends in e-commerce packaging [Video]

Trends in e-commerce packaging
Welcome back to the P-T-I video blog! Some might think packaging is less important to e-commerce. But in truth, researchers found that consumers certainly appreciate appealing or efficient packages. According to Dotcom Distribution, fifty-two percent of customers will do repeat business with companies providing attractive packaging. Some companies aim to please by going all-out with Continue Reading