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Spinning Straw into Gold: Wheat Straw Paper Saving Forests?

When it comes to paper packaging, eco-friendly has become a trend that, for good reason, seems to be taking over. Consumers are far more aware of the environmental impacts of their purchases, opting more often for earth conscious packaging over plastic and non-recyclable materials. Manufacturers across North American are amending their processes to reduce their Continue Reading
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Odd Couple: Beef Consumption & Sustainable Packaging

sustainable packaging
It might seem strange to couple beef consumption and sustainable packaging together – but when it comes to the current state of consumer awareness, it actually makes a great deal of sense. Earth conscious, Earth-friendly, sustainable – all buzzwords today, no matter the industry, and these two industries are definitely included. Check out this great Continue Reading
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Product Packaging Industry: Focusing on Sustainability

Product Packaging
Environmental sustainability has, for the last several years, become an increasingly important aspect of any product packaging strategy. This trend towards decreasing your carbon footprint as much as possible has become a major factor, and has been shown to have a serious influence on buying behaviour – consumers are looking for those products and brands Continue Reading