Are you giving away valuable marketing opportunities to your delivery vendor? [Video]

Building delivery infrastructure from scratch isn’t fun. In fact, that’s exactly the reason why industry experts at Entrepreneur believe businesses partner with vendors like Amazon¬†instead of opening their own shipping wing.

That said, when businesses forgo establishing their own delivery system, they sacrifice an incredibly powerful marketing tool in the process: building their brands through additional packaging. Think about it – when a big-name vendor ships your products to happy customers, whose company name is on the side of the brown box those products arrive in? Not yours, that’s for sure.

If your business recently started its own in-house delivery service or if you plan to, don’t forget to come up with creative corrugated solutions for outermost package like you would for traditional product packaging. It’s far from redundant – marketing through multiple packaging campaigns demonstrates brand strength and alignment.

That’s all for today. Join us next time for packaging tips for your business.

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