Should beer marketing change when suds hit the supermarket? [Video]

Why do brewers invest so heavily in merchandising their products? Simple: When you’re one six-pack in a liquor store full of other beer options, you’ve got to stand out. But should a change of scenery factor into how beer manufacturers market their wares?

Absolutely – beer-meisters making the merchandising switch from liquor stores to other locations like grocery stores should put some thought into a reinvented marketing campaign specifically suited for this new territory.

Competition from other brewers in a liquor store is a given, but do you know many different beer manufacturers will you be sharing shelves with at the local grocer? No? Well, you should. You might be the only Hefeweizen, pale ale or locally brewed option in the flock. Beer cases also make excellent building blocks, so don’t be afraid to collaborate with supermarket managers on larger-than-life displays. Memorial Day is coming up, so why not make your beer the foundation of a holiday in-store promotion?

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