All wrapped up: How powerful packaging helps holiday shoppers choose your brand

While shoppers ready themselves for holiday spending, manufacturers should focus on making their products shine like freshly fallen snow.

Packaging plays an integral role in consumer perceptions from Black Friday through the new year and beyond. The right holiday marketing campaign powered by vivid, eye-grabbing packaging can drive up revenue and give your brand significant recognition.

“Engaging box designs can distinguish your brand from the competition.”

Get ready for the holiday rush
Ask economists and they’ll tell you 2015 won’t see much more than a bump in retail sales. Ask consumers and they’ll tell you a much different story.

Deloitte University Press surveyed holiday shoppers and found three out of every four expect to spend as much or more this year than they did in 2014, the largest growth in this area since the start of the millennium. However, incorporating more conservative single-digit percent growth from institutions like the National Retail Federation means manufacturers may need to be more retail-minded if they wish to profit from potentially smaller gains.

Engaging box designs can distinguish your brand from the competition. Consumers want to spend big this year, and in a lot of ways, packaging can ensure they spend with you.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, how can companies get their brands to stand out?With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, how can companies get their brands to stand out?

Don’t underestimate a little extra decoration
Manufacturers investing in seasonal packaging and flashier holiday-themed boxes might feel like they’re the right way to go to attract customers. Let’s take a look at some hard evidence manufacturers can use to their advantage when planning additional packaging designs.

A study in the Global Journal of Management and Business Research revealed an “appropriate and vivid picture that delivers [customers] a happy feeling” on product packaging can seriously drive sales. Finding new and elaborate ways to showcase a product with a festive design could do just that. Companies can even upgrade a legacy style for the holiday season that will both reinforce brand loyalties and perhaps earn new lifelong customers.

With this in mind, manufacturers should work with their design teams to experiment with fun, vibrant styles aimed at catching shoppers’ attentions. Additionally, when choosing a printer for your company’s holiday boxes, manufacturers should focus on finding a packaging company that specializes in flexographic technology to make their designs really pop.

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