Product Packaging for Online Grocery Shopping

Product Packaging for Online Grocery Shopping - BorderIt is no secret that the online grocery shopping industry has really grown over the past few years, and according to a recent report done by market research publisher Packaged Facts, this isn’t set to change any time soon.

According to the study, online grocery shopping currently accounts for over 3% of the overall grocery shopping market – totalling $23 billion in annual sales. Packaged Facts’ report predicts that this will grow to nearly 12 percent within five years, thanks in part to the growing familiarity and comfort with online shopping in general, as well as the convenience.

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So what does this mean to both those companies that do not offer online sales as well as those that do?

Don’t offer online sales, or sell at a retailer that does? This means that your marketing strategy needs to be one that can battle that fierce competition. Your product packaging needs to be unique and creative and it needs to speak to the consumer. This means drawing on those heartstrings and making an emotional connection. It also means demonstrating the quality of your product through the quality of your packaging.

Offer sales online? If you ship through the mail, this is actually a great opportunity to take advantage of the prime advertising space – a space that a surprising number continue to ignore. Think about the number of hands that package passes through before finally reaching the customer – that is a major power base of potential customers, and the right product packaging can garner a great deal of attention just by being eye-catching and original.

For many, the threat that online grocery shopping seems to present can be overwhelming – but if approached appropriately can actually yield great results, regardless of whether or not you sell online or not.

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