New Retail Trends Make the Shopper the Designer

pti2People like choices. The ability to choose is what drives competition on the shelf, and consumers take a lot into consideration when making a choice in store – even if unconsciously. Some stores are taking this new retail trend even further, giving shoppers limitless choices – and people are jumping at the opportunity to choose.

One such company is Nordstrom. Earlier this year, the retailer partnered with Shoes of Prey to give shoppers the ability to design their own shoes. Would-be designers can choose colour, fabric and style to design a shoe that is unique and personalized. This emphasizes the trend of personalization, customization and small batch instead of volume producing.

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Why is this just happening now? Where it didn’t make sense before as volume drove pricing, companies are now realizing that the customization trend is here and in some cases shoppers are willing to pay more for this experience as they see it has greater personal value.

What does this mean in the packaging world? Packaging should reflect that personalization trend. A great example of this is Coke’s marketing strategy with the many names printed on cans. Sure, Nordstrom is really taking the personalization to a new level – one that may not be realistic for most brands – but that doesn’t mean personalization is completely off the table. Even offering a few different styles of packaging gives the consumer the chance to make a choice based on personal preference – and it helps you stand out on the shelf.

When it comes to new retail trends, personalization and customization looks like one that is here to stay.

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