From concept to completion Packaging Technologies Inc. is about making a positive impact at retail. Your corrugated boxes and Point of Purchase Displays are not just meant to hold product – they need to be designed to stand out from the crowd!  At PTI we listen to your packaging needs and provide you with corrugated box solutions that sell.

Our talented structural design team is trained to understand your brand objectives before they begin to design and build corrugated boxes that will meet and exceed your marketing expectations. Listening to our customers has been the cornerstone of our success for the last 20 years.

Once your design and unique specifications are ready to go we will work with you to determine the print solution that is best suited for your corrugated box. Sometimes your project may not require fine lithography when 150 line screen Flexo PrePrint will reproduce exactly what you need.  Either way, we will produce your corrugated boxes to meet your standards and your delivery time line.

The corrugation process is critical to the quality and structural integrity of your final product. With a range of in-house options from E, B & C Flute we have the manufacturing capability and expertise to provide you with options you need. Our precision laminating, die cutting and folding operations will finish your final product to your satisfaction.

Many of our customers choose to have us produce and hold their orders either in PrePrinted rolls or as finished corrugated boxes to provide them with a just-in-time delivery solution. The flexibility of our Flexo PrePrint and finished goods inventory system will allow you to receive your corrugated boxes on the day you need them.

Our process for creating high impact corrugated boxes will ensure your success. Contact us to find out how.