man holding a green earth-like sphere with business icons surrounding it
Environmental Stewardship

We have a long history of advocating for environment conservation, and continue to support the green economy and our clients’ sustainability goals with innovative retail products and initiatives.

  • Responsible Products Development: EcoSHOP, Connect, Kangaroo, Corrulite
  • Sustainability Benchmarking and Metrics through our Proprietary ECOFacts System (contact us for details)
  • Product Total-Lifecycle Management – modality, sustainable materiality, energy and water conservation, emissions and product transport efficiencies, waste stream planning and management, recycling and reusable components, retail compliance support
  • SFI® Sustainable Forest Initiative Chain-of-Custody Certification – a process for tracking raw materials from certified sources, certified sourcing and, when it applies, recycled content through production and manufacturing to finished products
  • FSC® Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody Certification – a system that verifies sustainable sourcing of forest products and ecosystem services at every step of the value chain from forest to consumer label, and the upholding of a common set of responsible forestry standards that support zero deforestation, fair wages and work environments, safeguarding ancient and endangered forests, biodiversity preservation, and community rights
  • PEFC® Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – tracking of forest-based products from sustainable sources to the final product to demonstrate that each step of the supply chain is closely monitored through independent auditing to ensure that unsustainable sources are excluded
  • SQF® Food Safety Code for Manufacturing of Food Packaging – a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brands, and food service providers world-wide (GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative)
  • GMP® Good Manufacturing Practice Certification – quality assurance of industry best-practice product manufacturing
Social Principles

We are family-owned and operated, and our head office is located in Canada’s largest multicultural metropolis — the GTA Greater Toronto Area. We are a responsible supply chain partner and equal opportunity Employer, and deeply committed to fostering the wellbeing of others through our social principles and daily practices. 

  • Human Rights Advocacy – Equal Opportunity, Freedom, Economic Security, Dignity and Inclusion
  • Strong Community Contribution – Volunteer groups, charity, and Company-matched fund-raising to improve the quality of lives of others: Food drives and Food Bank funding, Essential Clothing drives, Health Partners International and Bikes for Humanity, Disaster Relief, and Family support such as Adopt-A-Family and youth fitness initiatives
  • Employee Investment and Development – Personal Wellness and Safety Bursaries, Group Health and Employee Assistance Plans, Pension Programs, Teambuilding initiatives, and Employee Education including personalized training plans to support skillset and career growth
  • Responsible Governance – shared Company value systems and code of conduct, leadership excellence, and best-practice employment and supply chain responsibility standards
Responsible Governance

PTI is a privately-held Essential Business, providing Food Packaging, Retail Distribution and Consumer Point of Purchase for essential food, beverage, household, and personal health goods. We are governed by the lawas and business regulations of the Countries, Provinces and States in which we operate, and conduct ourselves with the highest principles of business integrity.

  • Company Values that emphasize client care, passionate excellence, team and personal contribution, and stewardship
  • Corporate Responsibility Standards that demonstrate Environmental certifications and stewardship, Social progress and Equal Opportunity practices, and our commitment to upholding the ETI Base Code, UNGP United Nations Guiding Principles, Workplace Accessibility, and Occupational Health and Safety
  • A Shared Code of Conduct that promotes social ethics, mutuality, Universal human rights, and the shared responsibility of personal safety and organizational welfare
  • Needs-based Employment Policies that advocate Fairness, Protection, Physical and Psychological Wellness, Teamwork and Social Connection, Recognition, and Personal Empowerment