The Year Ahead: Creative Packaging Trends 2015

Creative Packaging Trends 2015 BorderWe are getting close to the end of the year, and that means it is time to make our annual predictions for the year ahead. 2014 was a big year in the packaging industry, both as far as new, emerging trends and the continued importance of some old-time players.

Check out our list for creative packaging trends for 2015!

Multi-function. Is your box just a box, or does it also serve a unique purpose? One of the coolest trends in creative packaging right now is functionality. Packaging that serves as more than just a container has become the leader – have you thought about ways in which your product packaging serves more than one purpose? If not, it might be time to start!

Innovative Design. Along the same lines as our multi-function trend, the trend that sees your packaging stand out thanks to an innovative and unique design is also receiving a lot of positive attention. A great way to differentiate yourself is by leveraging the knowledge and ideas of a packaging company with the experience required to carry off a packaging design that doesn’t look like everything else on the shelf.

Sustainability. This is one for the ages. Not a new concept – but one that continues to grow in importance, especially as far as the consumer is concerned. It is no surprise that consumers are more concerned than ever with earth conscious materials, and so ensuring that your packaging is eco-friendly is essential. But it goes even farther than that. Now it isn’t just the end product that needs to be recyclable – the entire manufacturing process needs to be done with sustainability in mind. A packaging manufacturer that is committed to the smallest carbon footprint possible, one with a focus on the environment and maximizing usage while reducing waste, will really get you noticed.

Digital Revolution. Not only has online shopping become a huge source of competition in the consumer packaged goods industry, digital has created competition when it comes to in-store displays and product packaging. This can be something as complex as digital marketing on your POP display to something as simple as QR codes on all packages. And although QR codes may seem like ‘so 2014’, in actuality it seems as though this simple bridge between print and digital isn’t going anywhere. It is an effective way to encourage further exploration of your brand – and a great way to increase interest.

2015 is set to be another big year in the packaging industry, and staying ahead of the curve by adopting the most recent packaging trends is the only way to remain competitive.

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