The Freight Fiasco: Challenges with Shipping Packages

Shipping Packages_edited-1We’ve all heard the horror stories in relation to shipping packages: costs, damages, disruptions, etc. Sometimes these freight fiascos are a fact of business and little can be done to avoid them. That being said, there may be a way to mitigate some of those costs. There are a lot of things that impact shipping costs and efficiency. And yes, there is a major link between packaging and shipping. Have you considered how much a simple change can impact your bottom line? We can help you out.

When you think about shipping packages, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account. On your end, one of the most important is getting those products on the truck (and hoping that they stay there until they reach their intended destination).  Perhaps it is time to rethink that shipping strategy; take a step back and focus on your packaging.

3 things to think about: size, weight and strength.

  1. Size. This should be a no-brainer. The smaller the package, the more that can be fit on a pallet, and therefore the larger the number that can be put into a container for shipping. This is coupled with the fact that a smaller package means less material and therefore a reduced production cost.
  2. Weight. If the cost of shipping depends on weight, why add weight with packaging? A smaller box will usually be lighter (unless for some reason you choose to go with something heavier), and therefore cost less to ship.
  3. Strength. Sure, you can make a package smaller and lighter – just make sure that when you do you are not sacrificing strength. Smarter packaging shouldn’t be unstable – if it is, you’ll likely have more damages come delivery day. A high quality product should be designed with your exact specifications in mind – don’t skimp here.

When you decide to make the change to improve your costs for shipping packages, you may be surprised that even a small change can make a big difference. For example, one change to a product’s package can subsequently lead to the ability to fit more products in a smaller case, and therefore more cases on a pallet. This means greater trailer capacity utilization, as well as a decrease in the number of shipments you ultimately send out. Seeing the dollar value now?

When it finally comes time to rethink your shipping approach, start at the beginning – look at how the structure, size and weight of your product packaging impacts cost and efficiency. When it comes to shipping packages, a little change can go a long way.

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