Sustainable Packaging – The Not So New Kid on the Block?

Sustainable-Packaging_ORANGESustainability is not a new word anymore, no matter the industry you are in. Reducing your carbon footprint is essential for many companies, and your position on this issue can hold a lot of sway when it comes to enticing customers. Sustainable packaging is critical when it comes to reducing the environmental impact right at the source.

What is sustainable packaging? In a nutshell, sustainable packaging refers to the process of manufacturing packaging which results in improved sustainability. This means far more than just reducing the plastic used or being able to recycle your packaging – the entire process should reflect a dedication to creating earth-consciousness. 

Let’s go back to grade school and focus on the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.

  • Reduce: We mentioned reducing the carbon footprint and impact on the environment, so how can this be done? A sustainable packaging company should design and manufacture packaging that decreases the material used while still maintaining structural support and integrity. Just because a corrugated box is made from eco-friendly materials doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice strength.
  • Reuse: The sustainable packaging process isn’t just about the material used in your finished product; it is also about what isn’t used. If the excess material is just thrown in the bin, this isn’t very earth conscious. Instead, trim can be reused for recycled paperboard and pallets should be reused to save on transport costs.
  • Recycle: Is the material being used renewable? Recyclable? Bio-degradable? Is it made from recycled materials?

Does sustainability always mean more money? No. In fact, in order for a company to be considered sustainable it has to meet certain criteria, one of which is cost-effectiveness. This means that if your product is too expensive, it may not necessarily sell, so its position as sustainable loses a great deal of its relevancy. Instead, the product should be cost efficient and earth-minded. Additionally, a great company should offer you alternatives that can save you money, such as substitute board or paper packaging that can also save money with shipping.

At PTI, we are committed to sustainability. Our water based inks, our state-of-the art waste water treatment system, and our waste removal system, all coupled with a focus on the use of sustainable materials, work together to ensure that the end result is one that you can be proud of.

For more about the importance of sustainable packaging please contact Packaging Technologies Inc. by calling 1-800-303-5883.

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