Stuck on you: Is your packaging design ‘sticky’ enough?

When people talk about a brand’s “stickiness,” they’re referring to its ability to latch onto customers and stay with them for the long term. In the world of retail, a particularly sticky brand might have a catchy jingle or a popular marketing campaign gone viral. Once these elements dig themselves into the backs of consumers’ minds, they’re difficult to dislodge, not that you’d want to. The longer a brand stays imprinted onto shoppers, the better that company’s chances of catching their attention and making a sale.

So, how sticky is your brand? What can packaging design do to up the stick factor?

Give your packaging design a narrative element
Everyone loves a good story, and packaging can help relate that story to customers through targeted design and expressive detail. Maybe your story involves how your company came to be or perhaps how you differentiate yourself from the rest of your industry. If a brand has a mission that informs products or company culture, packaging must align with it as well.

Vince Kerrigan, strategic solutions manager at Vital Communications, told Packaging News companies that tie their storytelling design initiatives into other valuable selling points like environmental friendliness can kill two birds with one stone. Not only does the business express how green it is, but makes its name synonymous with saving the planet. Those good vibes will travel with consumers all the way to the store.

Appeal to the little kid in all of us
Simplicity does a lot for the brands that utilize it in their packaging design. Simon Preece from brand consultancy Elmwood believes creating an “iconic connection” between companies and customers is how brands acquire stickiness. Essentially, if a business could explain the look of its packaging to a young child so easily that the child could pick it out at the store without assistance, the brand has the power to make lasting impressions on everyone of all ages who come in contact with it.

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