Retail Packaging Suppliers: The Top 10 Characteristics to Look For

Packaging-Suppliers_ORANGEA box is a box is a box, right? No. By no means is all packaging created equal, and if you want your brand to be successful, having packaging that presents a strong brand image is crucial. But how can you tell the difference between a great packaging supplier and one that is less than stellar? Here are our top 10 characteristics to look for when researching packaging suppliers.

  1. Reputation: First of all, do they have one, or are you just banking on a company you found on a whim? Is there a website? Do they have years of experience under their belt? Can you find what others have to say about them? Awards won are often a great indication of quality. Quality speaks volumes, so if you can’t hear anything, avoidance is probably a smart idea.
  2. Image: Does the supplier’s image mirror your own, or what you feel should be displayed through your packaging? Here we don’t mean packaging that is the same, but is the image presented by the company one you can get behind?
  3. Customized: Are you offered a cookie cutter approach or is it totally customizable? Are designers held in-house to consult with you about overall design and to create a unique plan for your package marketing?
  4. Retail-Ready Packaging: With so many big box stores demanding retail-ready packaging, be sure that compliance with these guidelines is a mandate of the packaging suppliers you are considering.
  5. Innovative Process: Is the product offered the same as all of those other packaging suppliers out there, or is there innovation? Is their process unique within the industry? Do they offer PrePrint for example, or are you limited as far as choices for packaging?
  6. Inventory Management: Don’t have the extra room to store packaging before it is needed? Make sure that your supplier offers inventory management to store your product after completion to be delivered to you on an ‘as-needed’ basis.
  7. Sustainability: Not just a buzz word anymore, sustainability is critical, especially with packaging. But make sure that just because it is eco-friendly doesn’t mean you are sacrificing on strength.
  8. Up-to-Date: The packaging industry is always evolving, so make sure that your supplier is keeping up with current trends.
  9. Service: Are deliveries on-time? Is there accountability? You don’t want to have a great product but then suffer because service is not on par.
  10. Communication: Is the supplier easy to get in touch with? It can be really frustrating when you have a question or your calls are not returned, so make sure that the lines of communication are continually kept open through a variety of channels (telephone, email, etc.).

Take this list to the bank next time you decide to rethink your packaging strategy. It will pay off big time!

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