Online Grocery Shopping Impacts: Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions_edited-1It is no surprise in today’s digital world to hear about the rise of online shopping and how many stores are continually trying to adapt and maintain a hold on their in-store sales. A consumer’s ability to jump online whenever they want, from wherever they are, has had many an impact on various businesses – and there have been significant changes as a result. But what about online grocery shopping – what impact is it having?

Perhaps just as predictable, it seems as though the convenience of purchasing a book or a new jacket online just doesn’t translate the same way when it comes to grocery items. When it comes to buying online, grocery continues to lag behind – the trend still seemingly to buy in-store when the need arises.

So, knowing this, does that mean then that online shopping really doesn’t impact consumer behaviour when it comes to the CPG industry? Not quite. Just because most are not, doesn’t mean that all are not. So the question then is not if it is impacting (since it clearly is), but rather how.

There are a number of impacts – most notably the decreasing reluctance to buy online, especially those items than are non-perishable and can be stored for weeks on end. But consumer behaviour in store has also changed, and those in the CPG industry have had to change as well. So is the online shopper the newest objective, or is the consumer shopping in-store still the most important target?

The in-store shopper still needs to be a main focus – and the best way to do this is with effective packaging solutions. Ok, you get that, but the same old, same old, just won’t work as well when it comes to beating out the competition. And smart packaging can also mean huge ROI when it comes to impulse purchases – great packaging that sparks interest or draws a customer in can mean huge results for your bottom line.

What about those purchasing online? Does packaging matter here? Absolutely! Smart packaging solutions in this case means taking advantage of the free advertising by turning a boring old shipping box into an eye-catching, thought-provoking container for goods.  Think about the route that package takes from warehouse to consumer – there is a market here that continues to go untapped!

When it comes to the impact of online shopping on the grocery industry, most will readily admit that these have not been as visible – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cognizant of them or taking advantage with custom packaging that gets attention.

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