Lightweight Containerboard and Packaging Trends

Packaging Trends_edited-1We are always keeping an eye out for packaging trends and innovative new concepts in the packaging industry in order to provide the most innovative and effective technology and packaging solutions to our clients. One of the most exciting trends in the packaging industry is lightweight containerboard; it is predicted to continue to have some major impacts for companies in many ways.

Is this a new trend? No – there has been talk about creating lighter corrugated materials for several years, but significant inroads have been made in the last few – with European manufacturers leading the pack. But North America, until recently, seemed to be lagging behind as far as adopting the new technology to make this possible. North American corrugated producers seem to now comprehended the massive impacts of this trend, and are developing their own methods to ensure that their products meet the needs of consumers while maintaining the industry standard.

So, what is lightweight containerboard? In the most basic sense, lightweight is a lighter containerboard. It is a corrugated board with a base weight of less than 26 lbs/thousand square feet. The manufacturing of lightweight containerboard involves a different corrugating process than regular corrugated board. With lightweight, fibres are tighter together, resulting in a higher fibre content, but at a reduced weight. This means the same or greater strength, but a lighter container.

So what does this innovation mean for you? Is it just a new type of box? No, it is way more than that, and the benefits to your business can be significant.

Firstly, as mentioned, lightweight containerboard is lighter, but stronger – meeting the same Edge Crust and Mullen Test standards as traditional corrugated products. Performance should never be compromised by innovation, and with lightweight, it isn’t.

Secondly, there are significant cost savings to be realized with the use of lightweight containerboard products. Since it is lighter, and you pay freight charges based on weight, you save on shipping costs, without having to decrease the amount being shipped or pay more for labour.

Additionally, since less is used, and what is used is made from recyclable materials, lightweight containerboard products also contribute to your sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint. This is a major plus for both your business image and consumer demands.

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