How Much Does Product Packaging Really Matter?

We have all heard that common phrase “it is what’s inside that counts,” but when it comes to product packaging, especially in the CPG industry, does this really ring true? Is it really just what is inside that matters? Does packaging actually make a difference?

Check out this great infographic – you might be surprised just how much product packaging really does matter!


According to the infographic, over 60% of consumers purchase a product for the first time because the packaging initially caught their eye, and 40% will buy that product again because of the packaging.

What is important when it comes to packaging? 80% are concerned about spillage and the packaging protecting against it. 71% want the packaging to be easy to open and 78% want it to be easy to get the product out. 45% are interested in sustainability and how eco-friendly a product’s packaging is. Good to know!

Globally, 41% of people say packaging is important to their overall product satisfaction – that is a major number and signifies just how influential product packaging can be. Are you harnessing this power?

At Packaging Technologies Inc., we know that what is outside matters too – after all, how does someone get a sense about what is on the inside if the outside doesn’t help them understand?

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Check out more about the infographic here.

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