Custom Packaging Strategies for Direct Mail Marketing

Custom_Packaging_orange1_edited-1When it comes to product promotion, packaging plays an essential role in attracting customers. Great packaging can be highly influential in an individual’s decision to purchase a product – but so too can a poorly packaged product lead a customer to turn to your competitor. Packaging has to grab a customer’s attention within a matter of seconds – you don’t have a great deal of time. And when you are marketing through direct mail you have even less time to catch someone’s eye. So, should you just stick with the same old snail mail and a boring brown box? Nope – think about how custom packaging can upgrade your direct mail marketing.

Many companies still use plain brown boxes when shipping through the post, relying on other marketing methods, and quickly cast aside the opportunities this form of marketing represents. Think about it this way: how often do you glance at that brown box a person carries out under their arm from the post office – probably not very often. But what if that box was colorful and creative, and branded with a company logo? The box becomes more profitable then, doesn’t it?

Design: In the packaging world, design reigns supreme. That being said, the KISS principle is usually a good place to start – after all, if it is too tough to quickly navigate the design, the chance to attract is lost. Use colours that customers associate with your brand, or that speak to your product.

Branding: Branding is crucial when it comes to increasing recognition and creating customer loyalty. When a customer can relate to a product or a connection is made, it is easier to continually reaffirm that connection. Make sure that your company brand is clearly visible on your package.

Internet centered business: This direct mail marketing is even more important for those businesses that focus solely on online sales. According to the Financial Post, online sales are expected to reach the $34 million dollar a year mark by 2018, so this isn’t just a fad. And when you don’t have a storefront, creative and innovative marketing plays a crucial role in your overall sales. Here packaging is essential. With custom packaging you can be sure that this additional form of marketing receives notice, thereby influencing both current and potential customers.

When it comes to direct mail marketing, there are a number of different ways to attract attention, but custom packaging is by far one of the most important yet underutilized forms out there. In the retail industry, competition is stiff, so why not take advantage of every outlet available.

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