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Retail Reinvention: The New Grocery Store

The grocery industry is one that is continually evolving. Every year, a new trend, focus, or outlook for the coming months means big changes for retailers on the ground. This year is no different, and several major grocery retailers are meeting new consumer demand with changes in their stores. One of the most visible changes: Continue Reading
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Cracking the Code to Consumer Behaviour

consumer behaviour
It is a constant struggle – a balancing act – trying to determine the reasons behind consumer behaviour and why an individual buys what they buy and building a marketing strategy to match. The truth is, many consumers are not always aware of their reasons for certain purchases. Sure, some purchases are made for logical Continue Reading
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Generation Gap: Retail Trends for 2015

retail trends
It is 2015, and the impact of the generation gap on retail trends is not a new topic of conversation. That being said, for many brands and retailers alike, recognizing that different age groups benefit from different marketing tactics is proving harder to harness than many would like. Each age group has certain characteristics that Continue Reading
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Food Packaging Major Top Trend for 2015

food packaging
We are well into 2015 now, and we continue to strive to bring the most recent and thought provoking trends to our clients. We have talked a great deal over the last year about the importance of emotions and drawing on consumers’ emotions through your packaging – but now we can back those claims up. Continue Reading
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Dietary Trends: Is Your Food Packaging Getting Attention?

Food Packaging
Check out this great article from Business Insider, “10 Foods Taking Over The American Diet”. In it, the author lists the top ten foods being consumed, and notes that people are still opting for ready-made food more often than not – but that doesn’t necessarily mean heading out for dinner or ordering take-out. According to the Continue Reading