Bringing Your A Game: Omni-Channel Retailing

omni-channel retailingWe are well into 2015 now, and that means that our New Year’s resolution to take into consideration the newest retail trends should be well underway. This is, after all, critical. Today’s consumer is far more tech savvy and sophisticated, no matter the demographic grouping they fall under, than ever before, and that means that our marketing and retail strategies should reflect this.

Today’s consumer has also become conditioned to expect far more than ever before, largely as a result of the evolution of retailing itself, specifically with regard to omni-channel retailing. Omni-channel retailing means delivering a seamless shopping experience, no matter the channel being accessed (ie. personal computer, bricks-and-mortar store, smartphone, over the phone).

Want a great example of how some retailers are making the most of everything omni-channel retailing has to offer? Check out this recent article from Tech Times, “Like2Buy turns Instagram into instant shopping haven. Ready, set, click!”:

According to the article, marketing and analytics company Curalate has seen the value of omni-channel retailing, developed the platform Like2Buy, and has it currently up and running on several big name brands’ Instagram sites.

What does the platform do? Recognizing the frustration retailers have when consumers see their items on Instagram but are not given the chance to purchase, Like2Buy helps boost sales by solving the problem – it lets Instagram users purchase what they see on their feeds! A true omni-channel retailing experience. And since omni-channel shoppers spend 35-50% more than one-channel shoppers according to IAC Retail Insight, we see this as an important development in the omni-channel world.

Things to think about when implementing an omni-channel strategy:

  • Content needs to flow seamlessly across all channels
  • Retailers need to stay connected and remain transparent
  • Business strategies for all channels need to be consistent

When it comes to omni-channel retailing and your packaging strategy, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Emphasis should be placed on creating a unified packaging strategy through all channels, considering shape, style, colour and branding.
  • Packaging needs to be strong and sound to withstand the test of online delivery – if the product is not in pristine condition when it arrives, the customer will not be satisfied.
  • Structural design should also take into consideration shipping costs and how to minimize them.
  • Package branding needs to be consistent throughout all channels.

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