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Creative PackagingOver the last few years, in response to the growing popularity of online shopping, many retailers seemed to be downsizing and moving more into the online world rather than dealing with bricks and mortar locations. The lure of being able to comfortably shop in your pajamas without having to worry about people wondering if you are sleepwalking has tempted many to turn to their computer screens when in need of something. But wait – apparently this trend isn’t as completely change-inducing as originally thought. Apparently bricks and mortar locations are making a come-back!

According to a recent LA Times article, some exclusively-online retailers are now seeing the value in bricks and mortar locations, opting to branch out and open locations on the ground to cater to both those looking online and those who want a more hands-on shopping experience.

It has long been the assumption that within a few years most stores will phase out a number of their bricks and mortar locations in exchange for a great online initiative – but this seriously discounts the desire of shoppers (and there are many) who don’t want to do the majority of their shopping at the click of a mouse.

Don’t just take our word for it. A recent study done by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) found that 76% of buying decisions are happening in-store, up from 70% a few years ago. Clearly there is still something to be said for trying before buying.

So, knowing that bricks and mortar stores are making a come-back, how then does this impact you and your marketing strategy? There is significant value in investing in unique and innovative creative packaging that grabs the attention of those customers visiting a retail location.

Think outside the box: does your packaging speak for itself? Does it make use of colour psychology (what’s that?)? Are displays mixing technology and interaction to make customers stop and think? What about print quality – does the colour stand out? Is the image striking and clear? These are all things that you should be considering when it comes to print design and marketing strategy in order to compete.

What if you are just moving into the online space? Although the trend might be to take advantage of bricks and mortar, this doesn’t mean that online is no longer relevant. Make sure that even if your customer isn’t shopping in store, their package is attracting attention all the way to their door!

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