4 tips for getting the most out of your POP displays

Point of purchase displays are essential for driving in-store sales, but there is an art and a science behind their creation. For the most effective POP punch, keep these four helpful tips in mind when designing and using these powerful marketing tools:

Make bright ideas come to life with POP displays.
Make bright ideas come to life with POP displays.

1. Complement the product
While a POP display might draw a shoppers attention in the right direction, never forget the product is the star of the show. When designing displays, be sure to include large openings and compartments where products can sit safely and visibly. Additionally, the product's packaging and the POP display shouldn't clash. Instead, the most up-to-date product packaging should be a vital factor in POP display colour options.

2. Consider a 'kookier' construction
Imagine you're walking down the aisle of a department store. You turn a corner and run into a six-foot long corrugated cardboard cartoon caterpillar advertising a sale on slippers. Whether you're shopping for footwear or not, the split-second your mind takes to comprehend what you've encountered may be enough to make the product memorable. POP displays are a statement, so don't settle for standard, box-shaped options when the sky's the limit.

3. Incorporate takeaway elements
Apart from creating a lasting impression, POP displays can also include interactive options to further enhance the shopping experience. For instance, Business 2 Community suggests adding rip-away coupons customers can use immediately. This feature can both drive sales in the present or convince customers to comeback to buy in the future. Better yet, if a business owner is shrewd enough, he or she can count how many coupons get pulled daily to track the effectiveness of their POP campaign.

4. Rotate multiple POP displays to keep things interesting
The longer a POP display sits in one place, the easier it will eventually blend into the scenery. What good can a display be if customers don't even notice it? According to the Tennis Industry Association, business owners investing in POP displays should use customer metrics to determine how often they should rotate their library of POP displays. If an average returning customer visits the store once a month, POP display rotation should reflect that timeframe to stay fresh. Two underrated advantages of corrugated collapsible displays is how relatively inexpensive they are and how easily they can be stored. As such, businesses can invest in a number of different displays without worrying about how much space they'll take up. These factors will make display rotation all the easier.

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